Blaze Hotels is a specialist marketing company that provides marketing solutions and operational support to both standalone as well as chain of hotels to grow their business in existing as well as new markets. Our domain knowledge helps the hotels deliver results in a highly competitive market. Technology is in our DNA and we understand the rapidly changing market dynamics which helps us know what works in the best interest of a hotel.

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Revenue Management

Channel Management


Inventory Management

Sales Management

Operational Support and Training

Social Media Management

Digital Marketing

Event Management


Website Management


Blaze Hotels is well equipped to ideate, mentor and implement the complete sales and marketing of your hotel/resort. Our expertise and experience shall guide you to take just the right steps towards building a successful business.

Reservation Management

A 360 degree support system that helps in ensuring good customer satisfaction, top of mind brand recall and word of mouth publicity and repeat clientage.

Operational Expertise

With decade long experience at our hand we are deft in managing on ground operations and provide training support to our partners across various operational requirements.

Network Reach

Our strong network of travel agents, corporate partners, individual loyal base shall provide a fruitful platform to our partners for increased market penetration.

Team Support

Our Standard Operating Procedures and strong team network provide end-to-end support to our partners in ensuring smooth all round management.


Blaze Hotels is one of the best management company in India..

Narayan Gautam, Businessman

The sales & marketing activities are very system driven and bring desired results..

Mithilesh Gupta, Businessman